Meyer Lansky II

Grandson of Meyer Lansky, the Mob’s Financier

Meyer Lansky II, the grandson, namesake, and educator of early casino resort operator Meyer Lansky, keeps the legacy alive through interviews and appearances, bringing authenticity to the party.

Frequently found at Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at The Flamingo Las Vegas, the restaurant experience that pays homage to the businessmen who defined early Las Vegas. Meyer II is proud to partner with Caesars Entertainment representing a historic brand with sophistication and style!

Meyer II officiates weddings through his partnership with Vegas Mob Weddings!

Meyer Lansky and his grandson Meyer in 1959. To keep his family safe, Meyer Lansky rarely was in photographs with his family. This one is the only photo that exists with Meyer II and his grandfather. Meyer II visited Meyer many times in Miami, but no photographs recorded those special times.

Meyer and Grandson Meyer

Meyer and Meyer in 1959. To keep his family safe, Meyer was rarely in family photos. This is the only one of Meyer with his namesake.