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Little Man by Robert Lacey

Little Man

Meyer Lansky and The Gangster Life by Robert Lacey. Considered the best and recommended by Meyer Lansky II. Buy Book

The Lansky Legacy - Coming Soon by Meyer Lansky II

The Lansky Legacy

The Life and Letters of Meyer Lansky by Meyer Lansky II. A thoughtful insight into the man behind… Coming Soon

Meyer is a 120 page comic book!


Comic Book by Jonathan Lang. Meyer Lansky is dead-or at least that’s what he wants his enemies… Buy Book

Daughter of the King Sandra Lansky Book

Daughter of the King

Growing Up in Gangland by Sandra Lansky. A great look at her father, Meyer Lansky’s Life. A must read. Buy Book

Churchill A Drinking Life by Gin Sander and Roxanne Langer

Churchill a Drinking Life

Champagne, Cognac, and Cocktails by Gin Sander and Roxanne Langer. Try the Husky Orange, Pg. 114. Buy Book

They Called Him a Gangster by Zali de Toledo

They Called Him a Gangster

My Secret Life with Meyer Lansky, The Financial Genius Behind the Mafia by Zali de Toledo Meyer’s true love. Buy Book

Mafia Princess by Antoinette Giancana

Mafia Princess

Growing up in the Sam Giancana’s Family by Antoinette Giancana. The daughter of a gangster once… Buy Book

Me and Jimmy Blue Eyes by Carole Cortland Russo

Me and Jimmy Blue Eyes

By Carole Cortland Russo. Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo was there from the beginning. Buy Book

Uncle All Capone by Deidre Marie Capone

Uncle Al Capone

The Untold Story from Inside His Family by Deirdre Marie Capone. Fascinating memoir  by his grandniece. Buy Book

The Grandfather Clause by Philip A. Genovese, Jr.

The Grandfather Clause

By Philip A. Genovese, Jr. The grandson of mafia crime boss Vito Genovese makes a remarkable debut… Buy Book

The Company She Keeps by Georgia Durante

The Company She Keeps

The dangerous life of a model turned mafia wife. This is a true story of one of Hollywood’s most successful female… Buy Book

The Family Corleone by Mario Puzo

The Family Corleone

By Mario Puzo. New York, 1933. The city and the nation are in the depths of the Great Depression. Buy Book

Official Book of Mob Humor by Malcom Kushner

Mob Humor

The Official Book of Mob Humor by Malcom Kushner. Whether it’s the Mafia, Russian Mob… Buy Book

Havana Before Castro by Peter Moruzzi

Havana Before Castro

When Cuba was a tropical playground by Peter Moruzzi. Through vintage and contemporary… Buy Book

The Godfather Notebook by Francis Ford Coppola

The Godfather Notebook

By Francis Ford Coppola. His notes and annotations on The Godfather novel by Mario Puzo. Find Book