Caesars Weddings

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Bugsy & Meyer’s Speakeasy Count Room Wedding

Be transported to another era of Las Vegas and have your wedding ceremony in our speakeasy. The Count Room, that lies tucked away behind Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse dining room. You and your guests will enter through a bakery “front” to be taken to the private speakeasy, where your wedding ceremony will be officiated by Meyer Lansky II himself for a true Vegas Mob-style wedding vibe.

Bugsy & Meyer's Speakeasy Count Room Wedding at Caesars Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Mob Wedding

Start your forever Fabulous married life at Flamingo with a classic Las Vegas touch. Have your Mob-style wedding ceremony officiated by Meyer Lansky II, the grandson of Meyer Lansky, at one of our Flamingo Las Vegas wedding ceremony venues.

Flamingo Mob Wedding at Caesars Flamingo Las Vegas