Drumroll…the Million Dollar Question

Did Meyer Lansky leave his heirs 300 million dollars in a secret stash?

Meyer probably made the equivalent of $300 million dollars in his lifetime. Everything he did was on a cash basis. At one time, some of his funds were in a Swiss bank. He spent a vast amount of money on trying to cure his son, Buddy. Most of his “fortune” was lost when Fidel Castro seized his hotels and casinos in Cuba. The majority of Lansky’s bankroll essentially disappeared at that time. Remember, Meyer also spent 10-15 years paying attorney fees.

The FBI claimed he had $300 million when he died. If he did – we never ever found it. Do you think it’s possible to stuff $300 million dollars in mattresses? I wonder how many mattresses that would take? Did Grandpa own a mattress factory? I digress. Wouldn’t that be something, if 50 years later we found a secret pile of cash? How tall do you think a $300 million dollar stack of cash would be?

Whatever you believe to be the true story of Meyer Lansky, you can be certain of two things:

  • Meyer was a well-dressed business mastermind of the 20th century. The epitome of debonair, with an intellectual acumen equivalent to someone with a Ph.D.
  • Meyer was a Philanthropist. Growing up my Dad, Paul saw his Dad, Meyer talk to people on the streets in New York City and take money out of his pockets and give it to them. He always wanted to help people. He created many jobs in many cities. He was a faithful contributor to PBS. He supported causes he believed in.

Meyer Lansky was a well-dressed Business Mastermind and Philanthropist of the 20th century.
That’s the Lansky Legacy!


Meyer II at Las Vegas International Airport - 2023

Bugsy & Meyer’s

Bugsy & Meyer’s at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino at the Las Vegas International Airport. Book a Table

Hotel Havana Riviera in Cuba

Hotel Havana Riviera

The luxury hotel and casino Meyer Lansky built in Cuba in 1957, the iconic Hotel Havana Riviera, was his pride and joy.

Meyer drew the Ace of Spades! Incredible artwork grace the walls of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Go Raiders!

Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas

Meyer drew the Ace of Spades! Incredible artwork grace the walls of Allegiant Stadium. Go Raiders!

Meyer's stained glass window at the Jewish Museum of South Florida.

Stained Glass Window

Meyer’s stained glass window at the Jewish Museum of South Florida.

Meyer Lansky's 1906 money clip.

Money Clip (front)

Meyer’s 1906 money clip, handed down in the 1970’s.

Meyer Lansky's 1906 money clip.

Money Clip (back)

Can you guess how much money was in this money clip at any one time in Meyer’s life?


The Lansky Legacy - Coming Soon by Meyer Lansky II

The Lansky Legacy

The Life and Letters of Meyer Lansky by Meyer Lansky II. A thoughtful insight into the man behind… Coming Soon

Daughter of the King Sandra Lansky Book

Daughter of the King

Growing Up in Gangland by Sandra Lansky. A great look at her father, Meyer Lansky’s Life. A must read. Buy Book

They Called Him a Gangster by Zali de Toledo

They Called Him a Gangster

My Secret Life with Meyer Lansky, The Financial Genius Behind the Mafia by Zali de Toledo Meyer’s true love. Buy Book

Havana Crossing Collection Furniture Line

2016-2018 Stanley Furniture sold the Havana Crossing Collection furniture line at the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. So much Havana history and architecture in it’s design. We had a great two-year run with this incredible line inspired by Meyer’s Hotel Havana Riviera!

Havana Crossing Furniture Collection by Stanley Furniture

Stanley Furniture

Havana Crossing Collection which reflects the design and culture of Cuba, inspired by 1950’s designs. View Catalog

2016 Stanley Furniture

Havana Crossing Furniture

Stunning designs inspired by the outstanding universal value of Havana.

View the Havana Crossing Collection on ISSUU.

Havana Crossing

Havana Crossing Collection – Stanley Furniture’s collection is authentic to Cuba and its culture. View Design Swatch

SPOTTV August 2019

Meyer Lansky II talks about how the inspiration was from the furniture his grandfather used to furnish his hotels.

SPOTTV October 2016

Grandson of Meyer Lansky discusses the unveiling of the New Havana Crossing Collection By Stanley Furniture.

Havana Crossing Collection with Meyer II in 2016

Meyer Lanksy II

Meyer Lansky II at the Grand Opening of the Havana Crossing Collection at Stanley Furniture in 2016.