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Welcome to the official site of Meyer Lansky! I’m Meyer Lansky II, Meyer’s grandson. Many articles, movies, and books have been written about Meyer Lansky or included tidbits about who Meyer was, about his business dealings or who his friends and associates were. Each piece of media has their own take and story to tell. This site reflects my personal opinions about Meyer Lansky’s life, his career and his business associates. I was lucky enough to have 26 years with him (and learned a lot) before he passed away from lung cancer in 1983. RIP Grandpa!

Meyer Lansky, also known as the “Mob’s Accountant,” was a successful Jewish businessman. Literally, a 20th century business mastermind. For over twenty (20) years the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated Meyer Lansky. Despite these years of investigatory efforts, Meyer Lansky was only found guilty once for “illegal gambling” in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1953. Lansky served 24 days in jail.

“Lansky allegedly has been a close associate of leading gamblers and racketeers in this country and allegedly has gambling interests in Hollywood, Miami, Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Las Vegas, Nevada. He was alleged to have been a leading New York bootlegger during prohibition. It also has been alleged that he was a member of a syndicate which included Lucky Luciano and Bugsy Siegel, among others.” FBI Records: The Vault, December 19, 1952. Lansky was acquitted on all charges in 1974.

Meyer Lansky

Little Man

Meyer Lansky and The Gangster Life by Robert Lacey. Buy Book

Little Meyer

Meyer Lansky on 60 Minutes on CBS News in 1989.

Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky on Israeli TV on an Israeli chat show in 1971.